Surgical treatment and conventional surgery Surgical treatment has long been the mainstay in the treatment of various tumors such as ; breast cancer , stomach cancer , colon etc. Together with other treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy , they have achieved excellent results in the control and cure of malignant tumors. Treatment Success resides in early detection of the disease.
Laparoscopic Surgery Laparoscopic surgery or minimally invasive surgery is a procedure in which small incisions are made in the body, through which a camera and some instruments are introduced to perform surgical procedures very similar to conventional procedures oncologic results, has within its benefits better cosmetic results and early recovery of the patient. The main types of tumors are handled laparoscopically colon tumors, stomach, and the gynecological as are cervical, ovarian and endometrial (uterine).
Breast Conserving Surgery There is now a broader biological behavior of breast cancer awareness with this coupled as many early detection of it, has succeeded in changing the mode of surgical treatment, from radical and mutilating surgeries conservative surgeries where no need to complete resection of the breast. For example wide resections or complete quadrants of the breast, subsequently accompanied radiotherapy.


Cáncer de próstata
Prostate Cancer It is cancer caused by abnormal sexual gland growth in man, responsible for producing the liquid accompanying the semen. It is the most common tumor in males age being the most important factor to develop. There are several types of treatment including surgery and radiation therapy are included. Given its high incidence in Mexico currently existing early detection programs that can be done with a blood test and clinical, as the cornerstone of early detection management.
Cáncer de mama
Breast Cancer Currently, the breast tumor is a public health problem because of its high incidence and mortality in the Mexican population in developed countries has reduced mortality due to early detection programs, also it has managed to change trends radical conservative treatment of the breast, this early stage of the disease. Early detection programs consists of monthly self-examination, annual examination by specialist breast and imaging studies (mammography, breast ultrasound, Magnetic resonance imaging, tomosynthesis ), as applicable . Breast tumors (small tumors without distant disease) early stages can be treated with conservative surgery and not lose the mammary gland, and psychosocial impact this has on women 's sexuality.
Cáncer cervicouterino
Cervical Center Cancer of the cervix is intimately related to infection by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is considered a sexually transmitted disease . Currently in Mexico and USA is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, which is susceptible to various treatments including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, their success is relative to the stage of the disease, the less advanced more likely of success, in the treatment . Early detection of this disease is done with Pap smears and colposcopy if necessary. Surgical treatment may be surgery or conventional laparoscopic surgery.
Cáncer de colon
Colon Cancer Colon cancer is the tumor most common gastrointestinal tract and occupies the first places of incidence for both men and women, among the factors most important risk are age (over 50 years) dietary, guzzling fats and animal protein, and low vitamin diet, obesity and physical inactivity, some mutations predispose to hereditary forms . Early detection could be performed in the general population over 50 years with studies FOBT, colonoscopy and / or sigmoidoscopy. Surgical treatment consists of surgical resection (conventional and laparoscopic ) and in some cases tumor chemotherapy.


Ganglio centinela
SLN The technique known as sentinel node can be used in various tumors such as breast cancer, malignant melanoma (skin cancer), cancer of the penis . Previously it had performed extensive axillary dissections, accompanying comorbidities as lymphedema (swelling of extremities). The procedure is performed through, placing the patient in a dye + radiopharmaceutical, then dries the first node to receive lymphatic drainage from the tumor, to be led to an intraoperative examination and detecting nodal disease or discard it. It is a safe procedure and avoids extensive surgery.
Tumores de tejidos blandos
Soft Tissue Tumors Different tumors that can appear almost anywhere on the body is more common in places like legs and arms, these tumors come from tissues such as muscles, tendons , fatty tissue, nerves, etc. Surgery is the main treatment, should be suspected malignant tumor when growth is rapid, the tumor causes pain and sudden appearance. There are new treatment modalities in advanced tumors, Know them.
Cirugía de cabeza y cuello
Head and Neck Surgery Group of tumors of various etiology enter them most common.

Thyroid cancer, the main treatment is surgery, which involves removing the gland, either whole or half, monitoring is performed by measuring ultrasound neck and hormones in the blood.

Cancer of the oral cavity and larynx, commonly occurs in elderly patients who smoked and / or drank alcohol, hard long time, both are amenable to surgical treatment and / or chemotherapy + radiotherapy.
Catéteres para quimioterapia
Catheters Chemotherapy For patients who need multiple applications of chemotherapy and require a path, easy and without compromising the vain arm, a simple procedure under local anesthesia involves placing a temporary catheter into the patient's chest (in the tissue underperformed the skin), which will serve you to receive chemotherapy from the beginning to the end of treatment.
Tumores de Ovario
Ovarian Tumors These tumors usually belatedly detected (some two-thirds of patients diagnosed), the factors most important risk is exposure for prolonged estrogen times, such as women without pregnancies (or the first after 30 years), women with late menopause, not breastfeeding, exposed to prolonged periods of hormone replacement therapy, age ( after 50 years) and obesity. Evaluation is important for cancer surgery and the surgical procedure is critical for treatment and to stage (see how advanced or not the tumor is).
Tumores de estómago
Stomach Tumors Stomach tumors are common in our population, with risk factors intake smoking, diet and infection of H. pylori ( bacteria associated with chronic gastritis), is within the primaries causes of death from cancer, treatment consists of a combination of surgery and chemotherapy, management is set among specialists. The surgery involves removing the stomach or part of it , more lymph surrounding this . Prior to treatment should be of value laparoscopically.
Abordaje de enfermedad metastasica
Addressing Metastatic Disease Metastasis refers to the ability of any tumor sending malignant other parts of the body (liver example, lungs, bone) prolific and create new tumors cells, this is considered advanced disease, however, in some cases these metastases can be treated with surgery and improve quality of life. Not all metastatic disease is out of surgery.